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There is so much information about nutrition, we are literally drowning in it. And too much of anything is not a good thing.

Let our in-house experts help you sort fact from fiction and find the right foods and quantities for you and your lifestyle. Whether your goal is to reduce sugar intake or to optimize nutrition for sports training - we can help.

You do not need to be an HQ member to work with our nutritionists.


In one-to-one sessions, our qualified nutritionists will help you create a personal plan that both achieves your short-term goals and helps you make it sustainable for a lifetime.

We also run multi-week Nutrition programs several times a year that help you define and reach your health goals in a group setting and with the support of our nurturing community.

We are launching LifeHQ very soon!

Appointments will become available on launch day.
Until then, please contact us for more information.

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Meet our knowledgeable Life Coaches.

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Coming Soon

COMING SOON – Email us to pre-register for a consultation at info@healthquota.com